Office Inspiration

As I mentioned in my Photo A Day post, I haven’t left the house much. And for awhile, I was working from home a lot which leads me to this post. My home office is a disaster. Andy and I had dreams of a Pirate’s Den even before we got this house but our lair has merged with a distribution center for BBQ sauce! I still have high hopes that we can make our two fields work together, even keeping our Pirates theme. I promise Andy, I will not throw out your endless supply of USPS boxes. For now, I am just thinking and planning—thanks to other bloggers and Pinterest, inspiration is not hard to come by. Here’s just a few of my favorites (click the image for source)… I will be keeping our pirate theme so most of these are organization and layout inspiration for me. What does your office look like? I want to see, comment with a link to your own office post!

I can totally see this as my corner of the office space, plenty of storage but yet plenty of room for visual appeal!

While our office won’t have white white white walls, I do like the typography accents!

This room could totally exist in our house!

Definitely a fan of the chalkboard wall trend, but I hate writing with chalk!

I like the look of this desk out from against the wall but I know I’ll want a much larger, clunkier desk.

Love the whole wall dedicated to a inspiration board.

The following is a shot of Kevin Kidney, a Disney artist’s, office!

We definitely have the cabinets to pull that look off, even with the glass windows!

Oh, for the sake of storage…

Other Helpful Resources

• Design Sponge’s Design Solutions for Working at Home

• A Little Tour of My Office, by Promise Tangeman (I love seeing other designer’s workspaces!!)

• A Photographer’s Workspace, Katelyn James‘s guest post on Jasmine Star’s blog

The Before

And I guess if you must know, just so you know how bad it is. This is our downstairs room that basically stores everything from the office, to BBQ product and shipment, to anything else we don’t know what to do with yet!

P.S. I totally saved this for the end, so the only truly dedicated readers would reach this abomination!

P.P.S. A few days after I took this picture, the small opening in the floor by the window has now been filled with a few dozen cases of BBQ sauce! Help me out!

Now you believe me… please help!

Pinterest Projects: Pallet Shelves

One of the first ideas Pinterest ever gave me was the idea of turning a pallet into shelves. Here’s just a few of the promising pallet pins that continued to spur me on to find a pallet…

I have since seen pallets everywhere… on my drive to work… being whisked away on big semi trucks. Or I see them piled high behind fences, just out of reach. And then I posted my 25 Wishes post for my birthday and I got my mom involved. And you know, any time a mom gets involved, stuff just gets done! So she started bugging my dad and by that following weekend, I had a pallet! He had found a few of them on the side of the road!

And so from there my lovely husband cleaned it up with the hose and a brush and pulled off the center board. Then he hung it up on the wall above our staircase.

I went through a box I had of random frames that had never found a home, ordered some photos from Sam’s Club, and added a few other decorations that I had out in other places and ta-da! I think the grand total spent came to $0.54 for the photo prints! I want to eventually get some bigger frames to put in there as the 4×6 frames are just a little too small for something so big. Plus most people will only see this from the floor below and I would rather put up bigger photos to be seen from there.

That little succulent came from my friend Courtney, a gift for my birthday!

Stay tuned for another Pinterest Project! Here’s a clue….

P.S. I had been wanting to post this for the last month as the start to the Pinterest Projects series, and purposely left it out of my birthday gift post just so it could have more attention. And then Miss Lauren Lee posted her own Pinterest series: As Seen On Pinterest! And she just posted a second post in the series! I need to catch up! Great minds think alike, Lauren!

P.P.S. If any of you out there have tackled a project (or recipe or shopping outfit or craft or etc.) that you were inspired by from Pinterest, please send them to me or link to them in the comments! I’d love to feature your projects as well!